Sensei Rob Jacobs


Welcome to the web page of Sensei Rob Jacobs.

Here you can find information about Budo Karate training programs meant for business people, who are searching for balance between body and mind.

~ Rob Jacobs


Budo is the collective name for Oriental martial arts, in which victory and defeat are not important. Budo is an introspective path to self-actualization and character improvement. The psycho-spiritual aspect of Budo uses the body as reference. Exercising the techniques reflects the essence of the participator.


Ki Training

Ki Training

A personal training program to strengthen and streamline life-energy through (Ko)Budo karate training and Budo philosophy coaching, in order to obtain a balance between body, mind & spirit.



Masterclass by Rob Jacobs

A personal coaching program to achieve mastery and to help you find your mission in life.


Karate Team Workshop

Karate Team Workshop by Rob Jacobs

Regular karate training in the company gym in order to enhance the physical condition and the wellness of the employees.


Karate Fun Workshop

Karate Fun Workshop by Rob Jacobs

A karate workshop as part of business teambuilding programs to give colleagues the opportunity to see each other in a different context and to strengthen teamspirit.




Luyken Stouten

clinical psychologist & behavioral researcher

'The essence of Budo in daily life is an unyielding focus on sincere personal character growth through lessons presented in every day situations. This introspective focus is the foundation of an ever-increasing character strength that will enable one to face personal and professional challenges with an inert sense of balance and power.'

Branko Bufacchi

Directorate Adviser European Patent Office/ EPO

'Budo Karate means a road to awareness, respect, improvement and mastery. Practicing karate is a physical effort which produces a metaphysical benefit, using the Budo principles of karate in other walks of life - at work (how to cooperate with colleagues respectfully; when to take a stand, how to defend it with respect and take measurements) and at home (be the best human being you can, respect the teacher in everyone). I would not be where I am now as a person without Budo through karate.'